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AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

When you need simplicity and intelligence in one self-contained solution, the AD800 covers a wide range of options. Ideal for variable and constant torque applications from pumps and fans to conveyors and mixers as well as many other variable and constant torque applications. Applying the most advanced sensorless vector control technology , 32bits DSP control system and Infineon latest IGB technology, Excellent unique ventilation design with powerful big fans. More than 2000pcs AD800 high performance vector control inverters are widely using in kinds application since 2014 with good customer feedback.

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Key product feature

● High performance flux vector control for IM and PMSM (AD800S can compatible PMSM)
● Excellent quick response with vector control

● High starting torque even under low speed.

● Torque limit for machine safety protection

● Rapid current limit, up to 20 kinds protection function.

● Latest generation Infineon IGBT modules using

Features of products.

It has V/F, OLV( open loop vector control ), CLV ( close loop vector control), Compatible with variety of encoder such as collector, differential / rotary transformer.

1). Wide speed control range
a). Sensorless open loop vector (OLV) control: 0.5 to 400Hz ( 1:100/50Hz datum point )

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

b) . Sensor with PG card: 0.5 to 400Hz ( 1:100/50Hz datum point) Good current waveform

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

2). Response speed improving
Adopting high speed 32 bit DSP to get the high speed response of frequency inverter.
a.)  The response 100rad/s, precision ± 0.5% in sensorless open loop vector control mode.  
b.) The response 250rad/s, precision ± 0.01% in sensor close loop vector control mode

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

3). High torque output under low speed to meet some big inertia load conditions

High torque under low speed achievement.
Adopting advanced current vector control technology and motor parameters detecting to make high torque under low speed is available.

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

4). Torque control in OLV and CLV

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

5). Powerful PID function
Possible to set PID1 and PID2 combination function, free switch between two PID parameters.
PID module can be used for external unit using with professional PID control.

Flexible PID control with sleep mode, configure waking up frequency, sleep frequency, that is very easy using for water supply.

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

6). Stall protection function

when over current, over voltage occurs, the output frequency will be reduce, and the output frequency /voltage under limit value, the output frequency will restore.

Appropriate acceleration and deceleration will be select according to the load control the motor stopping time even power loss instantaneous.

Stall protection illustrations

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

7). Speed tracking restart function
Detect motor speed and rotation direction automatically, no any trip during start even in reverse running status.

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

8). S curve function
S curve can improving the impact during the start and stop processing, it is very useful in crane, elevator application

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

9). 16 segment speed circle running, easy to configure.

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

10). Advanced energy saving technology

AD800 series inverter can detect the load status to control the output voltage and power factor to make motor work in high efficient mode.

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

Single phase, 220V, 0.4kw to 7.5kw.

Three phase, 220V, 0.75kw to 75kw
Three phase, 380V/660V/1140V, 0.75 to 710kw.

Control modeControl modeSVC in open loopV/F controlClose loop vector control
Starting torque0.5Hz 180%0.5Hz 150%0.00Hz 180%
Speed adjust range1:1001:1001:1000
speed stabilizing

Torque precisionNONO±5%
Motor typeGeneral induction motor,permanent magnet synchronous motor*
Functin designHighest frequencyGeneral vector control :400Hz  V/f control:4000Hz
frequency resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz  analog setting: maximum×0.025%
carrier frequency0.5K~16KHz, the carrier frequency can be adjust by temperature automatically
Frequency reference setting methodDigital of Control panel, analog AI1, AI2, potentiometer of control panel, UP/DN control, communication, PLC pulse frequency
Accel./decel. characteristicLinear curve and S curve accel. /decel. mode, range of time: 0.0 to 65000S.
V/F curve3 mode: linear, multiple points, N Power
V/F separation2 times separation: totally separation, half separation
DC brakingDC braking frequency: 0.0 to 300Hz, DC braking current: 0.0% to 100%
Braking unitBuilt in braking unit up to 15kw, optional is 18.5kw to 75kw, external built in for above 93kw.
Jog functionJob frequency range: 0.0 to 50.0Hz, the accel. and decel. time of Jog
Configuration PIDEasy to perform pressure, flow, temperature close loop control
PLC  multiple speedTo achieve 16 segment speed running through built in PLC or terminal control
Common Dc bus *Multiple inverters use one DC bus for energy balance.
Auto voltage regulation (AVR)Enable to keep output voltage constant when grid fluctuation
Over load tolerance capabilityG type model: 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s,
P type Model: 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 3s.
tall control when over current, over voltageCarry out limiting automation for running current, voltage to prevent over current, over voltage frequently
Fast current limit functionminimize the IGBT module broken to protect the inverter, maximum reduce the over current fault.
Torque limit and torque control"Excavator" characteristics , torque limit automatically during motor running. Torque control is available in close loop vector control mode.
featuresfriendly interfaceDisplay Hello when power on.
Multiple function key JOG buttonIt can set for Forward Jog, reverse Jog, forward/reverse switch
Timing control functionA total running time and total running time calculating
2 group motor parametersTo achieve two motor switching freely, control mode is selectable
Motor over heat protectionAccepting motor temperature sensor signal input via AI1 terminals.
Multiple kinds encoder *Compatible collector, difference, and rotary transformer Encoder.
Command sourceControl panel, control terminals, series communication, switch freely.
Frequency sourceDigital setting, analog current/voltage, pulse setting, serial communication, main and auxiliary combination.
Protection functionShort circuit detect after power on, input/output phase missing, over voltage, over current, under voltage, over heat, over load protection.
EnvironmentApplication siteIndoor, free of exposure to sunlight, no dusty, no corrosive, no inflammable gas, no oil and water vapor, and water dipping
AltitudeLower 1000m
environment temperature-10℃~+40℃, power derate for 40~50℃, rated current derated 1% for 1℃increasing.
humidityLess than 95%, no water condense.

AD800 AC Drive models.

AD800 Inverter Data sheet.

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

Wiring diagram of AD800.

1. PG cards external built if need, support ABZ optical encoder, ABZ differential input, Rotating transformer encoder...)

2. Built in following functions terminals.

● It has 5 digital I/O input, compatible with sink and source way. (NPN /PNN)

● 2 Analog input, support -10V to 10V, 0-10V, 0/4 to 20mA.

● 1 Analog output ( 0-10V/0-20mA cab be selected)

● 2 collector output ( FM and CME support the high pulse output).

● 1 relay output. ( if need two relays please built external card)

● Rs485 communication card.( 485+, 485-)

● Extension card is available. ( 4 digital terminals, 24V power supply, OP ( external power supply terminal,1 analog output , and 1 relay output )

AD800 Series High Performance Vector Control VFD

AD series high performance inverter better being used in various application with high accuracy speed control quick torque response and starting torque.

Textile: P-jump Winders, Extruders, Tufting Machines, spinning machine

Packaging: In-feed / Out-feed, Case Packing, Bottling & Canning, Carton Manufacturing. Beverage packing

Plastics & Rubber: Extruders, Blow Molding, Thermoforming, Injection Molding.

Pulp & Paper: Paper Machines, Debarkers, Winders, Saw Mills

Converting: Coaters ,Laminators, Slitters, Flying Cutters

Air Handling: Supply and Return Fans, Cooling Towers, Spray Booths, Dryers

Oil & Gas: Top Drives, Pumpjacks, Down-hole Pumping Centrifuges

Material Handling: Conveyors, Sortation, Palletizers, Coil Winding

Metals: Stamping / Punch Press, Wind /Unwind, Cut-to-length, cable drawing.

Wire Draw

Construction Materials: Kilns, Planers, Flying Cutoff, Mixers

Laundry: Dryers, Extractors, Folders, Washers

Food & Beverage: Conveyors, Fillers, Mixers, Centrifuges

Automotive: Stamping, Test Stands, Indexing, Metal Cutting

Construction crane, hoist, lifting