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Out put reactor (OCR)

This reactor is used for suppress the capacitive charging current of connection cable between inverter and motor, and passivating the voltage rising rated of PWM as well. It is mounted at the output side of frequency inverter. When the distance of cable between inverter and motor over a value, suggest installed output rector to compensate recharge current of line capacitive.

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Out put reactor (OCR)

Product application

1. Limit DV/DT to 500V/us

2. Limit the overvoltage of motor .

3. Reduce the leakage current of motor

4. Reduce the interference generated by contacter which mount between filter and  motor.

Working condition:

1. Working voltage: 220V/1140V

2. Working frequency: 50/60Hz

3. Rated current: 3A to 1600A

4. Carrier frequency: 2 to 8KHz,

5. Insulation class: Class F. H

6. Operation environment: No need derated suing during -10℃ to 45℃, if work in above 45℃, the rated current will be reduce 2% for every 1℃ rising.

7. Protection class: IP00-IP22.

8. Voltage drop: < 4%, if large than this value, the output torque of inverter will be lower.

9. overload tolerance capability: 1.5% rated current for 60s.

10. Noise: ≤65DB.

11. Temperature rise: ≤85K

12: Dielectric strength: Steel wire core 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s no electric arcing puncture.

13: Insulation resistor: 1000VDC insulation resistance value ≥100MΩ.

14: working under sea level below 2000m

15. Running condition: temperature-25℃ to 45℃, comparative moisture not over 90%.

16: No hazardous gas, no inflammable and explosive

17: Good ventilation.

Out put reactor (OCR)

Out put reactor (OCR)