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Solar pump inverter Application


Solar photovoltaic water pumping (SWP) uses energy from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to power an electric water pump. The entire process, from sunlight to stored energy, is elegant and simple.

Over last seven years, the technology and price of solar pumping have evolved dramatically - and hence the opportunities it presents.

SWP is cost-competitive with diesel and wind pumps in all size ranges. SWP is being mainstreamed and awareness is growing. Good news travels fast, and markets are already demanding SWP in place of conventional pumping solutions

What are solar pumping's current applications?

The highest demand is within rural off-grid areas, currently underserved, or served by costly fossil fuel-driven pumps.

The potential applications include:

• Potable water supply for institutions (traditional niche market for schools and health clinics)

• Community-scale water supply schemes (larger village schemes)

• Livestock water supply (individual or communal)

• Small-scale irrigation (individual farmers or cooperatives

Solar pumping is most competitive in regions with high solar insolation, which include most of Africa, South America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Although these regions all have high radiation (see Figure 3), the availability and depth of water resources vary significantly.

Most of the agriculture area is without grid power or lack of grid power. Meanwhile diesel  generator irrigation system cost is very high. Solar pumping system is clean, cheaper cost in long term. It is the best way for agriculture irrigation. The daily water output is about  30-600m3, it will depends on water requirement of different plant and total area.

In a country where the bulk of the population is rural and many communities are not connected to the grid, together with massive potential, renewable energy, localized solar pump systems are a highly appealing alternative. Right now more and more solar pumping systems are used in agricultural irrigation


SWP systems consume little to no fuel. By using freely available sunlight, they avoid the constraints of weak or expensive rural fuel supply networks.

• Unlike diesel-based systems (i.e., where a diesel generator powers the pump), solar pumping produces clean energy with zero or much reduced exhaust gases and pollutants.

• Solar pumping systems are durable and reliable. PV panels have a design life of over 20 years, and solar pumps have few moving parts and require little maintenance (unlike diesel pumps).

• Solar pumping systems are modular so can be tailored to current power needs and easily expanded by adding PV panels and accessories.

• Properly installed solar systems are safe and low risk due to low system voltage. Adequate protection minimizes fire risk.

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Daily water Supply


Desert Control

Pasture Animal


Scenic Fountain

Solar pump inverter ApplicationSolar pump inverter ApplicationSolar pump inverter Application
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Solar pump inverter ApplicationSolar pump inverter ApplicationSolar pump inverter Application
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Solar pump inverter ApplicationSolar pump inverter ApplicationSolar pump inverter Application
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