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Input filter (RFI)

Input filter can prevent EMI or radio interference to power cable, which come from inverter. Also can prevent EMI and radio interference into inverter, which come from power cable. It can suppress effectively radio interference of voice frequency equipment. the applicable wavelength is 100K to 30MHz.

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Input filter (RFI)

The equipment, that can produced strong interference, or sensitive to EMI, request installed power cable filter. Such as SCR silicon control rectifier, variable speed drive, motor equipment, switching power supply circuit.

Input filter (RFI)

Working environment

Maximum working height: 2000m. if working more than 2000m, current derating 2% for every 100m higher.

Working temperature: -25℃ to 45℃.comparative moisture not over 90%

No hazardous gas, no inflammables and explosives.

With well-ventilated condition, ventilation devices shall be mounted if installation in panels.

Input filter (RFI)